Mark Anthony Tadlock Jr., known as Optimistic to his fans, is an up and coming
Hip Hop artist in the music industry. A 31-year-old North Philadelphia native, Optimistic
always had interest in music, but Hip Hop was always the biggest influence. Once his
interest in Hip Hop evolved, so did his rap flow. Knowing that all great musical artists’
have a distinct flow, Optimistic ensured that his would be different from the current wave
of rap.
His throwback vibe with a modern twist makes him stand out from his musical
peers. Gaining notoriety through social media and multiple music platforms, Optimistic
has been doing what it takes to make it mainstream. Currently, he has four singles out,
Something to Say, Can You Hear Me Now, Unbreakable and Who I Do It For.
His family plays a big part in his life too. He married the love of his life during the
craziest year by far and has a beautiful blended family of three boys, one girl and a
baby on the way. With so much on the rise, his motto “be optimistic” is exactly what this
industry needs and has been waiting for! Are you ready to be Optimistic?!